Buffalo Road Produce is a small scale CSA/market farm located on the very westernmost edge of Davidson county, between  Bellevue and Pegram. We focus on sustainability and quality above all else. We are family owned and operated on our land which we've owned since the early 60's. We offer a robust variety of farm goods which include free range eggs, raw honey, and Shiitake mushrooms.

100% of the produce we offer is grown by us, using only certified organic seed and sustainable farming practices. Methods that our ancestors used in the old days that are tried and true. We strongly believe that these are the RIGHT way to farm and we are proud to say that we practice these exclusively. Its not the easy way to do it by any means, but we are rewarded with knowing we are doing it the right way for everyone's benefit. Nothing that we offer comes from outside the borders of our farm.



Buffalo Road Produce