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Become a Loacvore!


Why local, all natural over commercial pesticide laden?  This is a good question!  Truth is that there are several reasons.  Produce grown using all natural methods is free of any inorganic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers that could be (we believe are) hazardous to your health and over all well being.  Another reason to choose all natural, local over commercially grown produce is it just simply tastes better. 

So we've covered the health and taste benefits of all natural produce but what about the local part?  Well, buying and consuming organic produce is wonderful and we encourage every family to do so.  That said, buying all natural from LOCAL farmers (especially us!!!) supports your community and allows us to keep supplying you all with the glorious food which we so love to do!!!! So do yourself and your community a good deed and become a locavore for now and evermore!!!

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Locavore - n. one who participates in the purchasing and consumption of locally grown organic produce.  Susie and Barry did not like vegetables until they became locavores.



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